Rail Transport

Trans-Europeasia Logistics provides comprehensive services for import and export railway transportation along the Belt and Road. It can be picked up from all over China and delivered to Russia, five Central Asian countries, and European countries.

Sea Transport

Containerized cargo shipping business is a core business of Trans-Europeasia Logistics. Years of experience and good business relationships with well-known shipowners guarantee efficient service and access to ports around the world.

Cross border transport of Sea & Rail

The Cross border transport of Sea & Rail business of container cargo is a characteristic service of Trans-Europeasia Logistics, providing full sea-rail transportation from Southeast Asia/Japan and South Korea to the five Central Asian countries and Russia.

Container Leasing

Trans-Europeasia Logistics provides various types of shipping, railway transportation of new containers, second-hand container procurement, sales and leasing. Provide yard services and empty container deployment in China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Russia.

Road Transport

Road transportation covers domestic trailer service in China, FTL (full truckload), LTL (less truckload) and multimodal transport in Europe, which can transport various types of goods. At the same time, it can also transport and provide cargo insurance to five countries in Central Asia.

Customs Declaration

We can carry out a full service according to all applicable customs procedures at home and abroad, including simplified ones.